Beatrice Michaella
Instagram: @beatricedomond
  • Anonymous asked : Where are you from?

    Born America. But if your asking like background… like what’s like my ethics Haitian & Moroccan. 

    But if this is about my exact location in the world at this moment… I don’t feel like disclosing over anon ya know.. :) 

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  • armandogabrielrodriguez asked : Are you really homies with Nick G?

    Not really. Met him at a make count contest, he told me to keep skating. he super nice guy, 

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  • d0menica asked : did the video drop

    No….. January of 2015. Its alot, not trying to film myself for the whole video this time hahaha

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  • nug-huffer asked : Hey, I really like your blog!

    does this have a secret undertone perhaps?  huh….

    "hey I REALLY LIKE YOU r blog"  caps being the message? haha

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  • aminklungseth asked : love the pics, followed


  • nikkimichelle asked : your blog is fucking awesome, i'm a fan. follow me?? i post all my own stuff :)

    No. this is not the fucking awesome tumblr blog… 

    But I did!! :)

  • incomedrainer asked : Come to Mpls ad skate!

    I can’t just come… I have to ask me mum first 

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